Real Estate Law

Our real estate practice in Oregon and Washington includes analysis and drafting of real estate documents, and dispute resolution services. We provide extra value to our clients from our years of experience as counsel to multi-million dollar lending institutions, and our long exposure to the frequently-intertwined issues of real estate  and economic development. From this vantage point, we strive to provide cost-effective real estate services that create satisfaction and success for our clients.

Examples of real estate matters routinely practiced by Shaw Law Group include the following:

  • Analyze and draft leases for commercial landlords and tenants, and litigate leasing disputes
  • Draft real estate deeds, purchase and sale agreements, financing and loan transactions, easements, and joint venture development agreements
  • Litigate and analyze adverse possession claims, water intrusion and “mold” claims, and construction claims and liens
  • Analyze and draft documentation for real estate development projects, both residential and commercial

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