Business Law

Many types of businesses count on Shaw Law Group to provide strategic advice, legal documentation, and dispute resolution services for a wide array of commercial matter.  Entrepreneurs, partnerships, small and emerging businesses, and medium and large corporations count on Shaw Law Group to provide key legal strategy and work product. Our business law practice is charged with two equally important missions: (1) to remove legal obstacles from the client’s path to success; and (2) to conduct all business transactions in a manner that preserves future business opportunities for the client. To reach these goals, we take pride in a method of practice that involves candid discussion and empowerment of the client.

Our attorneys rely upon over a decade of direct front line experience as corporate in-house and outside counsel to craft value-added solutions for business leaders. Examples of business law matters routinely practiced by Shaw Law Group include the following:

  • Assist all forms of business entities (corporations, limited liability companies, joint ventures, partnerships, and subsidiaries, etc.) in formation and organizational issues
  • Analyze and prepare documentation for debt and equity financing, including mergers and acquisitions, and more routine promissory notes and debt collection matters
  • Draft and provide opinions and assistance relating to various types of contracts
  • Resolve both business-related and ownership disputes (including minority ownership issues and other forms of owner disputes), through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation
  • Analyze and draft leases, licenses, personnel policies and manuals, intellectual property agreements, and other business documents
  • Draft and provide opinions on purchase and sales agreements for businesses, including security agreements, asset or stock agreements, guaranties, and assignments.
  • Provide tax analysis, opinions, and advocacy before multiple taxing jurisdictions

In addition to our outside counsel practice, our firm is available to act as dedicated corporate counsel for small to large businesses.

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